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We have a great selection of  Distilling Books to choose from. Learn about the history of making spirits and the trials distillers went through in the earlier days. We have books about the craft distilling industry as well as how to bottle and label your products. Learn the process of making moonshine and whiskey. If brewing beer is your preference, we also carry books on how to brew your very own cold, clear and carbonated beer. Check out our catalog for a full list of our Distilling Books.




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The picture to the left displays the book Moon-Shiners Manual. The art of moon shining has been passed down from generation to generation since 1776. This book is intended to keep the tradition going by handing down the stories from men and women who have mastered the art of moonshine. All the information in this book has been tried and tested.


The book at the bottom left gives the readers ideas they may need to complete the look of their own finished product. This book is a collection of labels and bottles from distillers. There is creativity involved when designing these things and this book gives anyone the inspiration they may need to aid in the design on their own labels and bottles. Author: Bill Owens, American Distilling Institute


Pot stills are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States with craft distilleries scattered all over the country. Over 100 craft distilleries were visited and the book shown below is a result of that journey.