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Backwoods Series Stills

   Our Backwoods Series Stills are built here in the USA at our  facility in the Ozark Hills of Missouri.  We build these stills for customers who want a nice still, but who don't want to pay a huge price. Most of our Backwoods Series Stills our built from used vessels, such as 55 and 100 gallon 304 stainless steel food grade barrels and drums, food grade stainless tanks and stainless steel jacketed cooker kettles. 

   We clean these used vessels with caustic soda which is very strong and which removes any organic material that might be present.  Once all of the welding and fabrication is done we then treat the stainless with a special gel that removes the weld tint and helps the stainless retain it's rust and chemical resistant properties.  The gel is then removed with water and we wash the vessels again with soapy water.  

   A great cook can take some old used pots and pans and create a wonderful meal.  Distilling works the same way.  Some fine award winning spirits have been created in simple pot stills.


Our Backwoods Series Stills come in 3 heating configurations.

Direct Fire

Steam Injected


These stills come with columns in stainless or copper, in several different configurations.

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26 gal. Backwoods Series Spirit Still

55 gal. Backwoods Series Spirit Still

55 gal. Backwoods Stripping Still

100 gal. Backwoods Stripping Still

Backwoods Series Stripping Stills

Backwoods Series Spirit Stills

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Pro Series Spirit Stills

Pro Series Stripping Stills

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